Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nomolos shipping, review, & future title

Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you all for your patience with the shipping of your copy of Nomolos. The boxes were a little slow to production, but as I write this all the remaining cartridges, boxes and manuals are in the mail to me! I hope to have every one shipped in the next couple of days!

Next, a fun bit of news: did a review of Nomolos:

And finally, I wanted to mention that I've begun planning a new title. It is actually another idea I had when I was a kid, just like Nomolos. I'm currently working on a 4-way scrolling engine for use with this game. My goal is to make the engine as crisp and attractive as the Super Bat Puncher demo. I'll keep everyone posted on our progress. My sincere hope is that by next MAGFest we will have some sort of playable demo.